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Mission statement & core values

Hawk Fabrication was established to provide the best possible light metal fabrication services to both local Perth businesses and the local community.
Established in 1998 this makes 24 years of continuous business operation and numbers addittional years of experience making us amongst the best in this industry.

Our industry niche was however created when four things came together:

  1. Light steel tube became available in a pre-galvanised form
  2. The State Government regulations required all pools to have a pool fence or barrier which complied with the Australian Standards.
  3. The opportunity was recognised by those who could undertake a new venture.
  4. The tube bending and fence assembly technology had been established and a production facility made available.

In recent years extreme pressure has been introduced to the market by the importation of mass produced Chinese fences.

However these tend to of the standard produced quality standards with standard specifications.

Hawk Fabrication is able to use the flexibility of "in house" production to custom build fencing and gates to suit each particular situation. Many fencing jobs require custom fabrication to pass the pool fence regulations. Turn around lead times is also much shorter and flexible than those imported, not to mention corrections and modifications.

Hawk Fabrications also offer a full and comprehensive range of light metal fabrication, be it a gate, a specialist container or a one off custom design, we have the skill and expertise to help.

The markets Hawk Fabrications wants to cater to, include:

  1. Contractors who sell and install pool fencing, garden and dog fencing, personnel and driveway gates (manual and powered) fabrication and clad in either tube of sheet or slats.

  2. Supplying directly to the public as DIY or as supply and install.

  3. Sign Frames and associated products have long been a significant part of our business.

  4. Just coming "on stream" is the production of specialised pallets for the Battery Recycling Industry. The development and proto types have been developed as a joint effort over recent months and production is planned for the start of the financial year.

    As Hawk Fabrication becomes established in this field other opportunities as well as International export opportunities shall be sought. Just like when the Pool Regulations were tightened an opportunity was created and exploited. This time it is the declaring of batteries as "Hazardous Waste" and requiring specialist packing and handling equipment and methods which has created an opportunity for custom specialised fabrication / manufacturing of such equipment. The environmental implications and the legislative framework is showing the world that Australia is amongst the world leaders in this field.

  5. Our fabrication facilities lend themselves to other products such as benches, table frames, shelves, racks, crates, security bards, bike racks, etc., etc.

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